Mandy is co-founder and CEO of Editorially, a platform for collaborative writing and editing. She is also co-founder of A Book Apart, a former contributing editor for A List Apart, and the editor of many books, including The Shape of Design, by Frank Chimero. She previously served as communications director and product lead at Typekit and as creative director at the independent and employee-owned publisher, W. W. Norton & Company.

An accomplished writer and speaker, Mandy has spoken at Build, Confab, AIGA/NY, TYPO SF, and Beyond Tellerrand. She’s been interviewed by The Great Discontent and written for A List Apart and Contents, among others.

Mandy lives in Brooklyn with her husband, Keith, and their dog, Jax, and spends her days at Studiomates.


The main typeface is Chaparral, designed by Carol Twombly. Small sidenotes and the like are set in DejaRip by Anatoletype. Both are displayed with Typekit.

The site is built with Jekyll and hosted on S3. I am indebted to Ethan Marcotte, David Yee, Rob Brackett, and Nevan Scott for their counsel and assistance in getting everything working; as well as to the fantastic communities of Stack Overflow and CSS-Tricks who make this whole web development thing so much easier.