John D. Berry

U&lc was a magazine of experimental typography, founded by Herb Lubalin in 1973, and published through 1999. John D. Berry’s tome includes reproductions of many of the original issues, plus notes on the history of the magazine from Berry and others.

The Solid Form of Language

Robert Bringhurst

Bringhurst’s short essay meanders through the history of scripts and their varied forms, touching on the origins of their physical shapes as well as the political and social forces that impacted them along the way.

Manual of Typography

Giambattista Bodoni & Stephen Füssel

A reproduction of Bodoni’s lifelong project to document as many typefaces as possible, complete with the dedication by his widow, and an essay from Stephan Füssel placing the book in historical context.

Book Typography

Michael Mitchell & Susan Wightman

A thorough and beautiful guide to typography and typesetting, worthy of any designer’s desk.

Modern Typography

Robin Kinross

A rare object—a book on typography that is as beautifully written as it is designed.