I became interested in design because I loved words. If you read often enough, and attentively enough, you begin to see how the subtleties of type and layout affect the reading experience. Tiny adjustments to leading and margins can take a text from unreadable to exquisite.

While I’ve ventured into different areas of design since then, I’ve longed to be closer to type, and—in part because of the many hours spent editing for A Book Apart—closer to the words that good type serves.

I’ve also—and my last post attests to this—come to believe that building relationships with the people who use your product or read your book is the frontline of the design process. A great community allows you to dream big and make mistakes—learning along the way—and still succeed.

As such, I am very excited to be starting today at Typekit as Community and Support Manager. I believe that working with the people who use Typekit everyday may be the best way to learn about what type on the web can really be. And I believe that the work Typekit is doing will make the web not only more beautiful, but more readable. Over a year ago, I wrote in defense of readers on the web; now, I can begin to see a day where no such defense is necessary. That is a day I look forward to.