I began this site in 2008 in an effort to bring some structure to a long held habit: taking notes about the books I read in a seemingly endless number of notebooks, which then piled up, never to be opened again. I thought a website would make that habit more fruitful and fun, serving as a reference, something the notebooks never did. It did that handily, and more, including making space for me to write and think about adjacent things.

More than a dozen years later and this site has become the place where I think, often but not exclusively about books—but then books are a means of listening to the thoughts of others so that you can hear your own thoughts more clearly. Contributions have waxed and waned over the years as life got busy, but I never stopped reading, and I always come back.

In my waged work, I have worked as a product strategist, UX leader, and editor, bringing a cross-disciplinary perspective to the work of building teams, products, and organizations. I am currently a senior product manager at Nava PBC, where I help make government services simple, effective, and accessible for all. I most recently served as editorial lead on The COVID Tracking Project and as VP of Product at Vox Media. I am also co-founder and former editor-in-chief of the much-loved small press A Book Apart.

I live in Philadelphia.