Several Short Sentences About Writing

I’m not one for writing books, generally. Most of them mistake a writer’s eccentricities for universal truths, or else treat creativity like some kind of rare prey you must pursue on padded feet, lest you spook it and lose sight of it forever. I don’t think writing is a precious activity or one that requires any innate talent. Really, to be a good writer I think you just need to read a lot and pay attention. So I am rather enamored with this book from Verlyn Klinkenborg, which also presumes that most writing instruction is bullshit. Klinkenborg’s advice comes down to two major maxims: all writing is revision and good writing is just one strong sentence after another. He prefers short sentences. I say sentences of all lengths have something to reccomend them. We both agree that rhythm is paramount. This book’s almost verse-like construction makes for a lovely, kind of meandering staccato that is pleasing all on its own.