Books published by A Book Apart

The inaugural book from A Book Apart, the new publisher for which I am co-founder and editor.

CSS3 for Web Designers

Dan Cederholm

The second book from A Book Apart, and required reading for anyone who wants to make the web a more beautiful place.

The third title from A Book Apart, and the one closest to my heart. Kissane explores the roots of content strategy, as well as the methodologies behind the work.

Responsive Web Design

Ethan Marcotte

Marcotte’s methods are smart, and his storytelling and guidance even smarter.

Designing for Emotion

Aarron Walter

Aarron Walter joins the A Book Apart rainbow of knowledge with this short book on designing for humans. A mix of psychology and case studies show how designing for emotion works, with guidance on the small or large steps you can take to start doing it.

Mobile First

Luke Wroblewski

The sixth book from A Book Apart features data-driven techniques and best practices for designing for mobile from the inimitable Luke Wroblewski. It also represents the best kind of short book: packed with information and a delightful read.

Design Is a Job

Mike Monteiro

A love letter to web designers everywhere, Design Is a Job catalogs the many and varied mistakes one can make on the path to being successful, and generously warns you away from them.

The eighth book in the now very successful A Book Apart series reflects back on previous titles while also looking ahead. Mobile best practices meets content strategy head on, in a short book that’s packed with good advice.

Hall’s contribution to the unstoppable (yes, I’m biased) A Book Apart list is both an instructive reference and a critical corrective.

Lara Hogan has become the face of thoughtful, humane, and rigorous management—and for good reason.