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Raj Patel argues that the tragedy of the commons is one borne of privatization and corporatism, not an innate fact of the commoners themselves.


Garret Keizer

Keizer’s approach to the topic of privacy is more philosophical than policy: you won’t find solutions to the problems of data mining or warrantless wiretaps within, but you will be prompted to think hard about privacy and its many contexts.

Universal Harvester

John Darnielle

Someone is cutting scenes from a creepy homemade movie into the rentals from the Video Hut.

Uncanny Valley

Anna Wiener

I avoided this book when it first came out because I feared it would hit too close to home. I wasn’t wrong.

Dr. Ha Nguyen has been summoned to the remote archipelago of Con Dao, where there are rumors of an octopus that walks upright on land and may have taken to murdering local poachers.