Nona the Ninth

In the third book in what is now the Locked Tomb series—originally a trilogy, until the character of Nona emerged and busted out into her own book—Nona lives with her friends Camilla, Palamedes, and Pyrrha in a cramped apartment in a tall building in a city menaced by a great hulking creature in the sky. Nona tries to remember her dreams, tries (and mostly fails) to eat food, and tries very hard to be a good friend to a girl named Hot Sauce and a six-legged dog called Noodle. If the second book in the series works to deconstruct the first, the third serves to bring the pieces together, albeit not in the same order they were in in the first place. Muir’s skill at breaking your heart in the tiniest moments is unmatched here, as is her infuriating ability (and obvious joy) in trolling her readers. I am counting down the days until the next (last?) book.